Livestream Replay: Special Announcement, Schitt’s Creek, Scary Movies, Candy and VOTE!

Livestream Replay: Special Announcement, Schitt’s Creek, Scary Movies, Candy and VOTE!

First things first: it’s election week for all of the Influenster community located in the USA. Please make sure you have a voting plan, and you make sure your voice is heard and counted. Don’t forget to post in the Influenster Votes Gallery whether you’re voting early, on election day, by mail, or in person. Influenster is all about raising your voice and sharing your opinion to help other people, and we can think of no more important way to do that than by voting.

Secondly: this was our last livestream for a little bit. We hope to be back in our office and our studio soon, so hang tight. On a personal note, I just wanted to thank every single Influenster who has tuned in to any of these. In March when we did the first one of these from my living room, I was so nervous about how everyone would feel about the fact that we didn’t have our studio, or lighting equipment, or special product holders, and that it was just going to be me talking to the community via the comments, but I shouldn’t have been. Getting to connect with everyone in this way has been the single best thing about the last seven months for me, and I’m so grateful for all the skincare tips, laughs, and time we got to spend together just feeling a little more normal. I hope everyone else enjoyed it too! Don’t forget that while we wait to get back to the studio, we can always keep in touch with each other via our brand new DM feature! I’m jessk3 on Influenster - message me anytime, and keep those conversations with each other going too!

Now let’s talk about the greatest things there are: candy and makeup! If you haven’t seen our candy infographic yet, make sure to check it out! Although the ever controversial peeps and candy corn didn’t make the grade, see what is the top candy in your state! 


I created a little bit Alexis (from Schitt’s Creek!) makeup LEWK. Here’s what I used. 

Primer: Winky Lux
Prep: Farsali SkinTune
Foundation: Il Makiage
Lipstick: Urban Decay Vice
Bronzer: Urban Decay Beached
Brows: Hourglass Arch Brow

Highlighter: Charlotte Tilbury
Mascara: Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Brag 
Palette: Huda Beauty The New Nude Palette 

Here's the finished look! 


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