Trending: Next Level Lip Care for the Perfect Pout

Your lips deserve it.

ByCaitlin M.

No amount of metallic, transforming, look-at-me lipstick is going to look cool unless you have healthy, smooth lips to back 'em up. And although in the past, we've generally thought of lip care as something that's only important during cooler months. But really, taking care of your lips is as essential as taking care of any other part of your skin! 

Lips need the same exfoliating, hydrating, and from time to time anti-aging treatments as the rest of our skin. Thankfully, it seems as if the beauty world has caught onto this and is supplying us with a whole treasure trove of lip care goodies. From scrubs to masks that work while you sleep, check out some of the next level lip products that caught our attention. 

How many have you tried?

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