Let eBay help with your holiday shopping

If you’re anything like us, buying gifts for the special people in your life is a thrilling hunt for THE perfect present.  But what if you’re strapped for time?  The quality of your gifts shouldn’t suffer.  We love using eBay’s collections to give us some ideas for what to buy.  Plus, it’s a super helpful way to save all the products you’re thinking of buying before you’re ready to make a purchase.  When it comes time to hit that button, all your holiday picks will be right there and waiting for you!

Here’s how to do it.

Our favorite thing to do is look at the collections that people have already made. When you see something you like, simply hit “Add to collection” and you’ve saved it to your own board.  

We like to organize our gift collections based on the people in our life, a theme, or -- let’s face it -- the things we’d like to receive!  So “Gifts for your hippie sister” include things like yoga mats and patchouli-scented candles while “Gifts for your sporty brother” has this super slick snow sled and biking accessories.  Naming the collection will help you remember who it’s meant for so you can reference it later when it’s time to buy!

Maybe your mom is always humming a song you’ve never heard and would love a vintage record player, or your cousin in high school is addicted to instagram and would love a retro camera to shoot photos.  Be creative and make connections. This shows that you’re paying attention to the things they love.

Studies have shown that we get greater satisfaction out of experiences than we do out of objects.  So with that in mind, choose a gift that will encourage you to spend time together.  For the sporty winter lover there are snowshoes, while the beauty maven might adore a cool new hair gadget you can try together.  Be creative!

Check out the collections that other people are making on eBay.  This is a great way to get inspired, find curated lists, and get some great gift ideas.

How do you use eBay to buy the perfect gifts? Let us know in the comments below!

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