Shopping Alert: Kylie Cosmetics is Coming in Stores

But there's a catch.

Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

Up until now, the hunt for any Kylie Cosmetics product has proved to be this: see said product teased on Instagram, wait for the launch date, frantically click refresh until you actually get the shade you want, and pray your order went through before getting the spinning wheel of death on your computer. Well, that's about to change. For five weeks only, Kylie fans will be able to shop products IRL at select Topshops across the country. Here's the scoop.

Beginning on November 20, Kylie Cosmetics pop-ups will be at select Topshop stores in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, Las Vegas, Miami, Chicago, and New York, Fifth Avenue for a limited five-week period. Topshop will offer a number of current Kylie products like Kyshadow palettes, Kylighters, blushes, and of course, the thing that started it all, the liquid lipsticks


2 hours to go! 11 new velvets shades launch at 3pm pst on

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But that's not all. If you're a tried-and-true Kylie fan, you'll be pleased to learn there will be some new offerings as well. The store will sell two new exclusive lip palette sets, each of which contains four new lip shades, as well as some Kylie-designed merchandise. Unfortunately, these products will only be available at the select Topshops and not online. 


If you happen to be in one of the select cities, be sure to check out the pop-up IRL as we suspect products will fly off shelves. If you're not in one of the select cities, well, don't worry. There's always to continue your lipstick collection.

What do you think of this news? Will you be shopping Kylie at Topshop? What is your favorite Kylie Cosmetics product?

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