Korean Beauty Trends You Should Start Following

More K-beauty to obsess over.

There are always super exciting things going on in the beauty world. However, what’s coming out of Korea is stuff that frequently blows our minds. If there’s one thing that K-beauty is known for besides effective results, it’s innovation. We asked Alicia Yoon, founder of Korean Beauty site Peach & Lily,  what the trends in Korean beauty are for 2017 that we need to know about.

1. New Formats For Creams And Masks

Creams and masks might not be brand-spanking-new categories, but the way they are used is new. Yoon gives an example of an overnight mask that bubbles up on your skin that then turns into a cream. Instead of washing everything off, you leave the product on overnight. Yoon also described the new launches as “creams and masks that break the rules.”

Pure Purity Facial Cleanser Mask ($9)

Pure purity

Starting out with a cleanser-and-mask in-one is a good way to go. This revitalizing one will convert you.


2. New Sheet Mask Materials

There are a few different sheet mask materials available, but most of us think of the white fiber kind. Fibers aren’t going to go away, but they are going to get better. Yoon explains, “More and more new materials will blow people away.”

Peach & Lily Good Skin Day Sheet Mask ($6) 

Peach and Lily

There’s no one better than Peach & Lily to try the trend with. The unique blend of fibers helped the mask sell out in one week after it launched.


3. Spa Products For Home

Never go to the spa? No worries. It will soon be easier to get the same results at home. Yoon writes, “In Korea, consumers flock to skin clinics regularly to keep their skin in check. The beauty game is serious there. There has been a big push by these clients for spas to make their spa-grade products available at home and their spa treatments available at home.” Estheticians are developing products that you can use at home anytime, without an appointment.

Shangpree Diamond Luminous Cream ($47)


This gorgeous cream is the newest launch from Shangpree, Korea's iconic award-winning “model” spa. And, yes, it does contain diamond powder. The versatile product can be used all over your body to give you flawless results.


4. More Toxin-Free Products

We’ve seen this one in the beauty industry in general, but it’s going to get bigger and bigger. Aromatica is one award-winning, toxin-free Korean beauty brand to look out for, but you can find toxin-free products almost anywhere, provided you do your research. Yoon explains that like American women, Korean women are also doing their own research to find out what brands are actually natural.

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask ($58)

tata harper

You don’t need to head to Korea to find natural products. This mask fits the bill. The multitasking product helps to minimize pores and boost radiance.


5. Unique Oils

Have you tried your argan oil, coconut oil, and olive oil products? Get ready because oils are going to get even more creative. One of the big ones to look out for, according to Yoon, is egg oil. You might be familiar with what an egg-cellent ingredient eggs can be in some skincare products that use egg extract, but egg oil is different. Yoon explains,” Egg oil is going to be a big hit in Korea. In fact, the egg oil is patented as extracting the potent oils from the egg yolk. [It’s] a breakthrough innovation. There's a product just about to hit the market with this incredibly high-performing oil.”

Another big oil to keep an eye on is sheep oil. Before you screw up your nose, remember that lanolin is a popular skincare product, and apparently it’s just going to keep on getting bigger. “In just a month or so, Kicho is coming out with some major, major innovations using lanolin. I see lanolin (but the kind that's extracted carefully and purely) continuing to create a cult-like following in Korea and be even bigger in 2017,” stated Yoon.

Kicho Sheep Oil Cream, $58 at Peach & Lily

Kicho Sheep

If you haven’t tried lanolin, try this cream. It’s rich and nourishing. A couple drops will be enough for you to understand what all the fuss is about it.

Have you used any of these products? Tell us in the comments below!