Our Next VoxBox is Like a Passport For Your Tastebuds

Passport to yum

ByMika R.

Get ready because our latest VoxBox is like an international trip to explore cuisine from around the world! Knorr's World Flavor Seasoning Blends is the packeted solution to bring international flavor to your meals without any preservatives, MSG, or added salt. If you're looking to spice up your meals, these seasoning packets inspired by Korean, Morrocan, Middle Eastern, and Japanese cuisines are the perfect addition to your pantry. Some lucky Influensters will be receiving this tasty VoxBox soon, so be prepared to cook up something delicious sooner than later. It's time to get a taste of distant cultures right from the comfort of your own kitchen!

From Korean Spice-Rubbed Steak to Lebanese Grilled Chicken, the options are endless with these Knorr World Flavor seasonings. Unlike some seasoning packets that you may have purchased in the past, these are resealable so you can keep them fresh until you're ready to prepare your next dish. Influensters may receive one of four seasoning blends so be on the lookout!

Taste of Korea

A tasty blend of Gochuharu red pepper, garlic, and sweet brown sugar, a.k.a. the perfect for seasoning your favorite meat dish. 

Taste of Morroco

Looking to spice up your sauces, soups, or burgers? You'll truly love this seasoning blended with red chilis, cayenne, and garlic. 

Taste of Middle East

Sesame seeds and thyme in this blend is the perfect pair for grilled meats, especially chicken. 

Taste of Japan

Turn up the heat by sprinkling this seasoning on meat, seafood, or veggies. 

Would you try one of these Knorr World Flavor Seasoning Blends? Let us know in the comments!