Kim Kardashian's Exfoliating Must-Have is Only $9

Yes, really.

ByCaitlin M.

But some products don't just have Influensters' seals of approval, they also have two thumbs up from some pretty famous faces. In this week's edition of famous fans, we're showing you the exfoliating must have of Kim Kardashian herself. Nope, it isn't infused with gold and diamonds. Actually, it's only $9. Read on for more details.

The product: Kiko Milano Pure Clean Scrub & Peel Wipes ($9)

The fan: Kim Kardashian

kiko milano pure clean scrbu & peel wipes

Although you might hear "Kardashian beauty pick" and expect an extravagant product to follow, this past summer Kim Kardashian revealed on Snapchat one of her morning routine essentials. Sure, there was La Mer aplenty in her regimen, but what caught our eyes was a less-than-$10 facial product.



We first heard about Kiko's exfoliating wipes in July when the cosmetics brand announced they were getting into the skincare game. Since then, the alpha hydroxy acid-rich cloths have become best sellers and earned the seal of approval of Kim herself. We had the chance to try out these wipes to see what the fuss was about. And let's just say we get it.

With delicious notes of magnolia, peach, and sandalwood these towelettes are quite invigorating. (We can only imagine that's one of the reasons Kim love these for morning use.) The two-sided wipes contain one side with gentle yet effective exfoliating ridges and one soft side that cleanses and cleans skin. The non-comedogenic formula of AHAs leave skin soft and ready for moisturizer. And besides the re-sealable (yes, really) packaging, we're hooked on the unbeatable price of $9. Thank you, Kim for introducing us to our new gym bag go-to!

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