4 Kid-Approved Lunches to Make Right Now

Need inspiration? These lunchbox ideas are sure to keep your kids happy.

Carlie D.
ByCarlie D.

Every mom who has ever packed her kid a lunch knows the rules: make a lunch that’s tasty, nutritious, and won’t end up in the trash. The last rule is why so many moms stick with sandwiches. They’re safe, easy, and reliable. However, eating the same PB&J every single day can get boring. Here are four simple and tasty ideas for lunch that your kid is sure to love.

  1. Pasta Salad + Grapes + Hummus & Pita Chips

The best thing about pasta salad is that you can make a huge batch and eat it throughout the week. Plus, it tends to tastes better served cold, which is perfect for school lunches. You can prepare the pasta salad the night before and let it soak up the flavors overnight.


  1. Turkey and Cheese Roll Ups + Carrots + Crackers + Veggie Dip

Roll ups or pinwheels are as easy as a sandwich to make but look way more exciting. Simply line a tortilla with turkey or ham, cheese, and your choice of spread. Then, roll it up and cut 4-5 slices.


  1. Chicken Salad Pita Pockets + Apples and Peanut Butter + Pretzels

A tastier alternative to deli meat is chicken salad. It’s flavorful and packed with protein. To make your chicken salad even healthier, try using Greek yogurt instead of mayo to bind it all together.


  1. Quesadilla and Salsa + Mixed Veggies + Clementine

If you want a colorful lunch, having a mixture of cut up vegetables and bright fruits is the best way to go. Bell peppers, cucumbers, and carrot sticks are easy to pack and even easier to eat. For the main dish, a cheese quesadilla is an alternative to the cheese sandwich. It can be eaten cold, especially when dipped in salsa or topped with chopped avocados.  

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Have another lunchtime idea? Tell us about in the comments below. Did you receive Apple & Eve 100% Juice in a VoxBox? Let us know if you're in below!

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