Kale Juice Recipe for Picky Eaters

Kale Juice Recipe for Picky Eaters

This spring, I ventured into the world of juicing and found out that there are some really amazing ingredients that are readily available in your grocery store that you might not otherwise get into your diet. Like...kale!

I was nervous to try it, but had heard such amazing things about juicing with kale. So...I whipped up this baby and well....the results were pretty incredible.

What You'll Need:

1 apple (cored)

1 pear (cored)

1 cup blueberries (rinsed)

1 cup strawberries (rinsed)

1 cup baby carrots (rinsed)

1 large handful kale (rinsed and dried)

How You'll Do It:

I started by juicing my kale and apple, and while my juicer didn't grind and process it as much as I would have liked, I still got about 1.5oz of juice from the kale itself. Next, everything else went in the juicer.

kale juice recipe

At this point of my juicing journey (about 3 months in) my son was really interested and insisted on helping...then tasting...and drinking about 1/3 of my juice!Knowing how much he enjoyed this juice made me really happy. He got all of that goodness in his little 1/3 portion (probably about 3-4oz), and loved it! The green mustache that he sported was pretty funny too.

Teaching your little ones about juicing is a great thing, and one that my son has really enjoyed. He likes to help push the produce through, and then give it a taste. Some he likes, and some he doesn't, but the point is that he's trying. He's a bit of a picky eater and while I'm pretty sure he could live on grilled cheese sandwiches, knowing that I can get a juice like this into him every now and again is really awesome.

I hope you love this kale juice recipe as much as we do!


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