Our Latest Challenge Serves Up Major Coffee Cocktail Vibes

We love the sound of cocktails with a coffee twist!

Mika R.
ByMika R.

As if iced coffee wasn’t already a summer favorite, we’re kicking things up a notch by introducing our Influenster fam to a new way to enjoy iced coffee cocktails. Our Kahlúa Original Digital Challenge is up and running—for a limited time only, some of our lucky members will have the opportunity to pick up Kahlúa Original Coffee Liqueur and receive up to 50% of the purchase price in CashBack (up to $12). We’re so excited to be offering this exclusive deal to Influensters. We can’t wait to read your thoughts on Kahlúa and to see the creative iced coffee cocktails that you all create.

We hope our Influenster’s chosen for this campaign have a chill summer by trying Kahlúa Original Coffee Liqueur and sharing their own delicious iced coffee cocktail recipes with us (we’ll be taking notes). See below for details on the item included in this fantastic CashBack offer! We’ve also included some recipes below that you may want to try.

Kahlúa Original Coffee Liqueur 750 ML Bottle The hero ingredient in many cult cocktails and drinks, to name a few: Espresso Martini, White Russian and Mind Eraser. It will turn an ordinary hangout with friends into an unforgettable time!

Are you looking for inspiration for your next iced coffee cocktail starring Kahlúa? Click here to find the right one. See below for some of our favorite recipes.

Kahlúa Cold Brew: It goes without saying that Cold Brew is the beverage of the decade, and this spin on the beloved drink is something all cold brew lovers should try.

Kahlúa Cold Brew Soda: No need to choose between cold brew or soda—this recipe gives the best of both worlds with your Kahlúa.

Kahlúa Ginger Ale: Tea isn’t the only beverage that deserves a splash of ginger. This coffee-inspired recipe is the refreshing twist you’ll love.

Would you try Kahlúa Original Coffee Liqueur? Let us know in the comments. 

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