Top Tips to Care For Yourself During Menopause

 Self-care starts down there. 

Did you know that 73% of women do not treat their menopausal symptoms in the US? Hot flashes, incontinence, sleep problems, mood changes, and dry skin are all natural consequences of this new stage in a woman’s life. We recently partnered with Joylux, a company that targets menopausal symptoms with effective solutions. Here are the top tips we gathered from their online shelves.


  1. Thermal energy promotes vaginal wellness

Joylux’s best invention is the vFit Gold, a device pairing gentle heat and sonic technology to promote healthy stimulation and natural lubrication. It also uses red lights to safely give you your sensations back and promote more control in this delicate area. Learn to feel good again with this smart hormone-free product. 


Use your vFit with the Photonic Gel, which features hyaluronic acid and aloe vera for best results. It moisturizes and increases the reflective power of the red lights system for optimal performance. Need extra guidance? Download the Joylux app to get started on your intimate care journey. And just so you know, our members gave vFit Gold a full five stars. 


  1. pH-balanced formulas are best for intimate care

For daily care, it’s best to use products matching the vulva’s pH level—which ranges from 3.8 and 4.5. This is what you’ll get with the soap-free SHEbar. This luxurious product combines argan, coconut, and avocado oil to cleanse without irritation.


If you need extra hydration, check out revitalizHER’s intimate serum. Same concept: it has a pH level of about 4.5 and avoids acidic ingredients. This serum features beeswax, creates a protective barrier, and attracts moisture where your skin needs it most. And that’s not all: beeswax naturally exfoliates dead skin cells, creating the perfect environment for your personal comfort.


  1. Use cooling relief to stabilize your body temperature

Hot flashes are a common symptom associated with menopause. In terms of diet, you can avoid hot and spicy dishes, coffee, and alcohol to limit these sudden temperature changes, but that’s not always enough. Joylux designed cooling bra inserts to keep you feeling fresh throughout the day—and they’re also great for nursing moms! Find them in two temperatures: 58° and  80°.


By night, try to develop a bedtime routine with quiet time away from the screen and bright lighting. If you experience hot flashes more frequently at nighttime, consider purchasing the CalmHER Nite™ Cool Relief pad, which provides freshness for up to two hours, and does not require refrigeration. It’s a great product to keep handy wherever you go. Oh, and Oprah also vouches for it.


How do you deal with menopausal symptoms?

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