It's Time for the 2020 Reviewers' Choice Awards! Don't Miss Your Chance!

Don't delay, review today! 

Once a year Influenster holds our very own awards: the Reviewers' Choice Awards. Our data and analytics team comb through all of the reviews our community has created over the past year to award the products you have let us know are the top of the class this year. The best part about the Reviewers' Choice awards? They're chosen completely by YOU! 

For the first time ever, we're expanding outside of Beauty, and the 2020 Reviewers' Choice Awards will also include snacks, cocktails, drinks, and other food and beverages. 

Winners are going to be selected very soon, so this is your last chance this year to raise your voice and VOTE for your favorite products of 2020. How do you vote? 

  • Leave a review!
  • Already reviewed a favorite? Add a picture or video to your review!
  • Already done that? Answer Q&A about the product, mention it in a poll, or upload a new picture of it to one of our galleries!
  • Tried something this year that you didn't like. Not all reviews are positive, and that's a good thing. Leave that 2 star review you've been sitting on, this is about total honesty. 
  • Awards will be going to products in the makeup, hair care, nail care, skincare, frozen food, snacks, personal care, alcohol, beverage, and fragrance categories.
  • The reason we're including Food and Beverage for the first time this year is because the Influenster community has spoken by leaving so many quality reviews. Next year we could include electronics, or TV shows and books, or gardening products, or backpacks, or pet food, or whatever else you as a community come together to review - so feel free to branch out into those categories as well!  
  • If you leave a review between now and July 31, and one of the products you review is one of our winners, your review could be featured as part of the announcement.


Start Reviewing NOW! If you used it this year, we want to hear about! 
Questions? Ask us in the comments!

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Jess K.
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