Are Jade and Rose Quartz Facial Rollers Different?

Find out what sets them apart. 

Caitlin U.
ByCaitlin U.

Facial rollers have practically become as standard a beauty tool as eyelash curlers or brow brushes. They are a part of many people's basic skin care routine. And, if you ask us, they are pretty to look at too. But what do facial rollers actually do for your skin? Well, many believe that facial rollers may not only be useful for distributing skin care products, but that they can also decrease puffiness, contour and improve circulation in your face. Plus, it is thought that facial rollers can also help relieve stuffy sinuses by stimulating your body's lymphatic drainage systems. 

So are all facial rollers created equal? While there are some benefits that overlap, different materials may promote different benefits. We've taken a look at rose quartz and jade facial rollers specifically, to see what sets them apart and what they have in common. 

Rose Quartz Facial Rollers

Rose quartz is the love stone, so we think it makes a great facial roller material for when you're looking to practice a little self-love or self-care. If kept chilled, say by storing it in a skin care fridge or regular refrigerator, it can enhance its depuffing capabilities, making it great to use as a part of your morning skin care rituals. Facial rolling with rose quartz like with this Rose Quartz Roller and Gua Sha set by MikaCare can help release tension and promote circulation, making it a great pre-makeup step.

Jade Facial Rollers

The jade stone represents wisdom, balance and peace. While a jade facial roller, like a rose quartz roller, also helps decrease puffiness and promote blood circulation, some believe that it can also help to calm and remove toxins from the skin. So something like this Jade Roller Royal Massager for your Face and Neck may make the perfect addition to a nighttime skin care routine after cleansing to further detoxify the skin. 



While both rose quartz rollers and jade rollers tout similar benefits, the main difference—outside of color and stone properties— that we can identify is that the rose quartz may make a better AM tool while the jade roller with its detoxifying properties could be better suited for your PM rituals. Do you need both? Probably not, but that doesn't mean you don't want both! And really, can you ever have enough skin care and self-care products?

Can you? Let us know what you think! Know of any other differences between rose quartz and jade facial rollers? Sound off in the comments.