When Science and Beauty Meet—Introducing I-N Beauty

From the family that gave us Aveda

Minka M.
ByMinka M.

Influenced by his mother’s herbal traditions, Horst Rachelbacher’s passion for holistic healing and wellness led him to create of one of the world’s first natural cosmetic companies—does Aveda sound familiar? Following the sale of Aveda to Estée Lauder, Horst, aka “Father of Safe Cosmetics”, his partner Kiran Stodalen, and daughter Nicole Rechelbacher decided to continue the family’s tradition in creating luxurious beauty products that are both effective and environmentally friendly.

In comes I-N Beauty, the super-natural plant-based beauty brand that harnesses the power of plants and science to show the world that luxury doesn’t have to come at the cost of results, or the environment. Led by Kiran and Nicole, I-N collaborates directly with chemists to select ingredients from over 225 plant-based active ingredients from around the world that are biologically compatible with our bodies. It starts with thousands of certified-organic, ultra-nourishing and antioxidant-rich seeds that are cold-pressed and combined with I-N’s patented black cumin seed synergy that boosts the benefits of the other oils. The result? A revolutionary collection of skincare that sooths sensitive skin, prevents aging and focuses on haircare that targets needs from scalp to strand.

Beyond scientific innovation and clinical research, I-N is devoted to limiting negative impacts on the environment and thrives on the discovery of sustainable alternative for packaging. All products are packaged in minimal, eco-friendly packaging made from recyclable or post-consumer recycled materials.

I-N checks off all the boxes: effective, sustainable, and luxurious—check out some of their products below:

InspiraMint Shampoo

InspiraMint Conditioner

Vitalisea Pore Polish

OneBody Lip Delivery Nutrition

Seed Synergy Liquid Green Oil

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