"Our Products Simply Do It Best" Says Boris Oak of Haircare Brand EVOLVh

Corrie D.
ByCorrie D.

Longtime clean haircare brand EVOLVh is launching a new styling product today, the DreamGel Strong Hold Styler. To celebrate, we sat down with founder and CEO, Boris Oak, to learn more about the story behind the brand and why he is so passionate about their ingredients. 

Boris Oak, CEO and Founder of EVOLVh

Boris, you're really following in the family business with EVOLVh. Can you share more on how you got into it, and how you're carrying on your mom's legacy? 

My mom opened a salon when I was 12. It was a tiny space with 5 chairs. Twenty years later it was two locations with 40 stylists plus a skincare department. I became the GM and put a lot of emphasis on retail, as it became clear that home care was a major key to client happiness and retention. This retail focus led me to an interest in ingredients and formulation, which ultimately led me to creating EVOLVh

What led to you making the decision to launch a green, eco-conscious haircare line? 

Our clients became much more interested in ingredients, they had questions and I wanted to have the answers. I also became increasingly interested from my own personal health and wellness perspective. I pretty quickly saw the need for a clean high-performance haircare brand - though of course, this was 2008, and “clean beauty” wasn’t even a term yet, so we were using terms like green, organic, and natural to describe the products. 

What do "sustainability," and "clean beauty" mean to you when it comes to product formulation?

To me, first and foremost it means an evolution, which is a continuous positive progression. This is why the brand is called EVOLVh, the name stands for the evolution of haircare. This evolution requires a commitment to formulate using ingredients that are more healthful for our hair, our overall health and wellbeing, and the health of our planet. And of course, extends to packaging, as well as the entire supply chain, from sourcing to manufacturing to fulfillment.

What sets EVOLVh apart from other haircare brands? 

To us the clean, healthful formulations are table stakes, going all the way to when we started in 2008. What really sets us apart has always been the performance and results in our customers' experience. There’s truly nothing else like it in all of haircare on Earth. The ability of our products to improve the health and texture of hair is what sets us apart, and by a million miles. Whether it's stopping breakage, or reducing frizzing, or increasing softness and shine, our products simply do it best.

We are known for our revolutionary technology compromised of a proprietary blend of amino and fatty acids that meet the molecular needs of every strand from deep inside the core of each fiber. Most brands coat strands in artificial ingredients to hide imperfections. EVOLVh takes a more progressive, innovative approach using our breakthrough biology-driven formulation to treat hair from the inside out. Similar to skincare, our products contain a proprietary formulation of vital amino and fatty acids, plus powerful botanicals that strengthen and nourish on a molecular level for shinier, healthier hair now—and in the future.

What have you learned about the beauty and haircare industry along your journey? 

This is a big question. I think the most important thing is how important it is to overall human happiness. We need beauty to live, it’s why we hang art in our homes or look outside of windows and admire nature. 

I would say to other aspiring entrepreneurs, just keep falling forward and make mistakes you can learn from. I fail at things daily, but that is also how I make progress.

What common haircare mistakes do you see people make, and how can they avoid them? 

The most common mistake is not investing in a great haircut. Find a hairstylist who apprenticed for 2-3 years under a master and continues to invest in their training. Don’t be shy to spend $100+ on a cut. People spend more on a single dinner, but a haircut is something you wear 24/7 for months. After that, an efficacious shampoo and conditioner plus a leave-in conditioner spray

In your opinion, what does an ideal haircare routine look like? 

Our EVOLVh 3-Step Systems that we call EVOLVh Healthy Hair Trios are a guaranteed transformative game-changer. Three steps: Cleanse, Treat, Protect. After that, you can add one of our styling products such as Wonderbalm or TotalControl Styling Creme, and you will definitely be at a whole new level of love for your hair.

At Influenster we are all about connecting people to the right products for them. Aside from your own, which brands and products are you loving right now? 

Other products I love are Tata Harper Regenerative Cleanser and the sunscreen serum from Eleven by Venus Williams.  

How important are online reviews and customer feedback to the success of your business? 

Reviews and customer feedback are everything. We pay close attention to every single review, plus we do additional surveys of our customers throughout the year and ask a myriad of questions to better understand our customers’ needs and wants and to find all the ways we can make their experience even better. 

You can buy DreamGel Strong Hold Styler ($24) and the rest of the EVOLVh line on evolvh.com and credobeauty.com. DreamGel is the perfect addition to EVOLVh's biology-driven, science-based formulation approach. It contains tapioca starch to provide hold and absorb excess oils, while proprietary amino and fatty acids work on a molecular level to help strengthen strands to reduce splitting and breakage. It also contains Linseed oil, extracted from flax seed, to build volume while adding hold and shine.  

Have you tried any EVOLVh products? How did they work for you? Don't forget to review them here on Influenster to help the rest of the community find their next favorite thing!

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