Silver Isn't Just For Your Jewelry Box

All about that shine.

By now, most skincare fanatics know that miracle, fix-it-all ingredients don't really exist. In fact, science shows that a beauty routine that incorporates several high-powered ingredients is the best way to combat signs of aging, skin damage, and all those other fun things we deal with on a daily basis. But, how do you know which ingredients are worth the hype? We're making it easy! This week’s ingredient is something that we think of in terms of jewelry and makeup colors but not necessarily skincare.

The Ingredient: silver

Also known as: colloidal silver

Quick take: Silver-colored makeup may be one of the biggest metallic trends around, but it is actual silver that is the hero ingredient in many skincare products thanks to its anti-bacterial properties.

Claims to fame: Silver isn't just some new trendy ingredient, either. It has actually been a staple in the skincare world for a long time. Dr. Karyn Grossman, celebrity dermatologist and creator of the KARYNG Skincare line, explains, “Silver has been used for a long time in medicinal creams for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and wound-healing properties. Today, people are adding it to skincare to aid in improving issues such as acne and inflammation.”

Where to find it:

Indie: Nano Cylic Silver Cleanser ($33)

Nano Cylic Silver Cleanser

Now this is a chic face cleanser. Open up the package and you will find a cleanser that penetrates deep into pores and cleans them out. You can thank the hero ingredient silver for that.


Save: Mario Badescu Silver Powder ($12)

Mario Badescu Silver Powder

This is one silver powder that you don't actually dust on. Instead, you use a damp cotton ball to apply a thin layer to congested pores. After a few uses, you should notice less blackheads and a more radiant complexion. Influensters also say that the product makes a great mask.


SplurgeStriVectin LABS Silver Peel-Off Purifying Mask, $62 at StriVectin

StriVectin LABS Silver Peel-Off Purifying Mask

If you cannot resist a mask that looks cool and gets your skin clear, you're going to like this one. Add in the fact that it has a fun peel-off formula and you just might end up buying it in bulk. Influensters love the way the mask simultaneously hydrates and brightens skin.

Do you use any skincare products with silver as an active ingredient? What's your favorite?