Influenster's Best Tips for Staying in on Valentine's Day

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Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

Not every Friday night needs a big night out plan. And when Valentine's Day happens to fall on a Friday, sometimes the pressue to go out either with your friends or sweetie, can be a lot. But don't let pressure to make plans get to ya! For all of us who are planning a perfect night in, the Influenster community has our backs.

This week we asked Influensters how they'll be spending their Valentine's Night In. Here are some of their best suggestions!

"I'm gonna do fancy makeup get a big bag of chips and watch Netflix all day." 

- Eye R., Tbilisi


"I'm going to be heading to the grocery store, grabbing a tub of Ben and Jerry's (or 2) and watching movies with my cats all night long."

- Cassandra F., Perth, ON


"So excited for this Valentine's Day. My boyfriend and I are getting the heart-shaped chicken nuggets tray from Chick-fil-A and the heart-shaped ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. Anyone else doing something like this?" 

- Katelyn W., Rochester, PA



"This Valentine's Day, I will be dressing up with my one-year-old daughter and taking her out to dinner." 

- Alexa E., Spokane, WA


"I'll be snuggling with my furbabies while I watch snapped or ID channel." 

- Brandy R., Fort Worth, TX


"I'm gonna buy a couple of steaks for me and the hubs and prepare a nice dinner and watch TV together." 

- Olga Z., La Mesa


"Build a fort and watch romance movies!" 

- Viviana G., Holyoke, CO

Do you have some great tips for how to stay in and have fun on Valentine's Day? Or are you still looking for the perfect flick to watch? Make sure you have the Influenster app and check out our Valentine's Night In discussion to see what Influensters are suggesting.

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