And Your New Favorite YouTube Channel Is...

Take one guess.

Have you ever visited our YouTube channel? It's filled with product reviews, tutorials, interviews with brands, and so much more that will help you become the most in-the-know shopper that ever was.

And guess what? Now you'll know what videos to expect before they're released. Beginning next Monday, we're publishing the Influenster TV Guide, a comprehensive schedule of every video that's going live that week. Whoa.

Want to know what our channel is all about? Just watch the trailer above and check out what we cover below:

VoxBox Spoilers:

Here we reveal EVERYTHING that's inside our coveted VoxBoxes and showcase brand new products. Want to be the first to know what Influensters will test next? Subscribe to our channel!



One-Minute Reviews:

Did you know Influenster is a review platform for all your favorite products? There are 15 million+ product reviews on everything from the best BB cream to the tastiest snack bar. And the best part? They're all written by Influensters just like you! Influenster's YouTube channel features honest one-minute product reviews by Influenster employees who share their favorite products. Hey, they just might be your favorite too! After you watch, write a review of your own on or using the Influenster app for your chance to be featured in a review video! 



Beauty 101:

This is where you'll get expert makeup and beauty tips, top product suggestions, and other beauty news straight from Influenster HQ! Our resident makeup artist Jennifer Rostami watches every video, so ask all your burning makeup questions in the comments and you just might get a pro response.



Monthly Faves:

Get a taste of our co-founder, Elizabeth Scherle's favorite products with this series. We include a contest in every Monthly Faves video where you can earn some free products, so make sure to stay tuned until the end and to read the video's description for rules on how to win.



Behind the Brand:

Meet the people behind the brands you know and love through our on-site and in-studio interviews. We discuss product launches, what it takes to start a company, career and personal advice, and how to build a brand. What's not to love?



Top Products on Influenster:

By combing through more than 15 million reviews and listening to what you have to say about each product, we've created a curated list of the top products in a category, chosen from Influenster reviews and beauty editors. Your walk down the makeup and beauty aisles will be a breeze thanks to this series!


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