Influenster Talks: Writing a really good eBay Guide

Influenster Talks: Writing a really good eBay Guide

Want to share your expertise with others? Well then an eBay guide is right for you! It's an easy way to share your ideas, inspirations, and tips with other eBay users concerning all different kinds of products, topics, and themes.  Now that we're in the gift-giving holiday season, you might be looking for a little help.  Or hey, maybe you could help out someone else! Guides are great for that.  When you write a good guide you'll be helping others, which could even inspire a guide that helps you later on! Browsing eBay guides is fun, easy, and informative - what more could you ask for?!

1. Get Creative

While it is easy to just make a guide about something very general, keep in mind this guide is about you and your expertise. Let your guide reflect your interests and personality. It's more fun that way!

2. Think of a Funnel

Choose a broader topic that can be split into sub categories. For example: How to throw a great NYE party, Moving 101, or New Mom Essentials. These topics can all be broken down into very specific, not to mention fun, subcategories.

3. Be Visual

Photos are a great way to engage readers and spice up your information. These photos can easily capture someone's eye and are a key tool for making your guide successful and helpful to other eBay users.  Plus, if you're part of our eBay VirtualVox, you'll need to include a collection in your guide in order to complete the badge.

(See: How to create a great eBay collection.)

4. Say What You Need to Say

There is a one paragraph minimum for text, but why stop there? This guide is really a tool for you, and other users, so putting in a little effort will go a long way.

5. Be Original

Don't plagiarize. We know it's easy to just copy and paste text, but keep in mind it's really easy to tell when a guide isn't authentic. This is your chance to divulge your wisdom.  It will only help the community more if everyone creates their own unique piece of the puzzle.

What better place to find inspiration for a great guide than another eBay user's great guide?! Here are some of our favorite guides we've seen from Influensters so far!

1. 5 White Elephant Gift Ideas that everyone will be fighting over!

2. Layover - Airport Must-Haves

3. Fall Fashion Must-Haves

So now that you have our rules for writing a great guide are you ready to get started?

If you're part of the eBay VirutalVox, and just need a few ideas to get your creative juice flowing, check out our eBay inspiration tool! With this handy little idea roulette you'll be coming up with tons of ideas in no time!

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