How to Unlock a Brand Badge

Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

So what is a brand badge you ask. Great question! A brand badge is a special badge that lives on your Dashboard under your VoxBox or Digital Challenge campaigns. Each VoxBox or Digital Challenge has its own brand badge and only the Influensters chosen for that particular campaign will be able to see or complete this brand badge. We'll be talking all things brand badges below, so keep reading to get all the details on all things brand badges.

Where do I find my brand badge? 

Launch the Influenster app, check out your Dashboard and see your current VoxBox or Digital Challenge campaigns. Once you click into the campaign, you’ll see the brand badge and listed brand badge activities to complete! 



How do I unlock a Brand Badge? 

Each brand badge consists of a two to four activities to complete with your new free goodies. To unlock the brand badge and become a brand badge holder, all you have to do is complete all the activities (which add up to 100 points). If you unlock your brand badge, you could be in the running for even more prizes or free goodies. Who doesn’t love free stuff?



What if I don’t submit my activity? 

We love how active you are - but can't give you credit for your activity unless you submit it to us through the brand badge page. If you do not submit your tasks to our system you don't get credit, thus you can't unlock the badge or enter to win more prizes. (Which would be a total bummer!)



Where are my prizes? 

Influensters who successfully unlock brand badges by performing all of the required activities will be entered to win a special prize courtesy of the hosting brand or Influenster. It could anything from more products, gift cards, or even a custom gift basket!

Top brand badge holders will be contacted via email a few weeks after the close of the campaign—we review every post manually! Unfortunately, no news is bad news when it comes to a brand badge prize. If you don't hear from us, it's because you aren't one of the lucky few winners. Not to worry though, you will have plenty more opportunities to win awesome prizes in the future.

Keep in mind brand badge prizes take a little time to get together. You should expect to receive your prize anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks after winners have been announced.


How is my brand badge different from my bonus badge? 

Bonus badges are completely optional and reserved for our most active members who want to go above and beyond the required activities on the brand badge. These bonus tasks, that you submit on your campaign page, will go towards earning the bonus badge or bonus points associated with that specific VoxBox, but will not count towards unlocking your brand badges and winning more prizes. Long story short: The brand badge is your chance to win prizes; the bonus badges show us that you're a true Influenster VIP.


That's it! You're a brand badge expert now!

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