Influenster Talks: Real Plus Size Clothing Models

Influenster Talks: Real Plus Size Clothing Models

One thing that I really cannot stand about clothing companies, is how they showcase their plus size clothing. 99% of the time, the model you see wearing their clothes is wearing the smallest size available in plus sizes. Normally I wouldn't even classify the models as being plus size, maybe just thick. Not much of a tummy, arms, legs, etc. Basically a thin chick with a little more meat on her bones.

Now I have no problem with companies using these models, because I know there are plenty of women out there that have that body shape, and are that size. No issue. But for places that offer clothing in 3x and up, I really want to see a model who has a tummy. Who has the flabby arms. Who has some hips, thighs and legs. I want to see the garment being modeled so I can get a idea of what it would look like on me. Clothes that may flatter a person who is a thick size 1x, might look completely horrible on someone at a plump size 5x.

I understand that you can't please everyone. I work in retail, I get that. But I would REALLY love to see companies tossing in a few big girl models, and give us plus size consumers a new view of their products.

So, what made me get on this rant? I was on Zulily browsing today as I often do, and I went into one of their plus size sales. Scrolling through the clothes, I saw images that made me SO happy. Look below.

Yes, let the angels sing. Not just one, but two full figured beautiful plump ladies rocking the clothes. I wanted to jump for joy when I saw this. If I needed a dress for my wardrobe right now, I would totally be considering these garments because I have had the chance to see them on bodies like mine. Now, compare those ladies to the mannequin next to them. That is suppose to represent a plus size body? Are you joking? With those, I really don't want to purchase them because I still have no idea what the garments look like on a true plus size woman.

I truly urge plus size clothing companies to really give this a try. And I also give major applause to the designer / clothing company who used these two beautiful ladies to represent their clothing.

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