Influenster Picks: Snack Time

Influenster Picks: Snack Time

This is the first installment of a little thing we like to Influenster Picks. Each week Influenster team members will weigh in on their absolute faves across all categories straight from Influenster HQ! So this week Team Influenster spills on their favorite midday munchies. Because, how else do you get to know a person if food isn't involved?


Title: Social Media Strategist

Snack of Choice: Sabra Hummus

Here’s Why: “This will always be my go to snack because it’s healthy & yummy at the same time! Sabra ‘til I die!”




Title: Visual Designer & Captain of Influenster Volleyball Team

Snack of Choice: Nutella

Here’s Why: “What would the world be without Nutella? Very sad. Like a football game I cannot take my eyes off of it. In the morning, evening, or afternoon it is a perfectly sweet snack.”



Title: Content Management Intern

Snack of Choice: Gilco Pocky Chocolate Covered Biscuit Sticks

Here’s Why” “I ate these all the time growing up, & I always buy some when I hit up the Asian supermarket. They hit the perfect balance between crunchy & chocolate-y!”



Title: Community/UX Ninja

Snack of Choice: Cheez It Reduced Fat Baked Snack Crackers

Here’s Why: “I'll take salty over sweet any day & you just can't go wrong with Cheez-its. Since I likely will devour an entire box at once, I tend to buy the reduced fat box to feel just a little less guilty”

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Imani R.
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