Influenster Picks: App-solute Must-Haves

Influenster Picks: App-solute Must-Haves

Apps are something that could totally change your life. You know an app is great when you actually can't imagine how you functioned without it before. Here are some apps we can not live without. Which are you faves? Comment below!


Picked by: Anna

Here's Why: If you order a lot of stuff online, it grabs tracking information from your email and keeps all shipping updates in one place. Best part - if it notices a price is marked down on a product you already purchased, it has a pre-written email you can send to the retailer requesting you get back the difference. Depends on the each retailer's policy, but it has worked well for me!


Picked by: Emily

Here's Why: As the name suggests, it's a storytelling app that lets you make compilations of photos, videos and text. It's similar to Instagram but you're not confined to just one picture. Highly recommend!

Kitchen Stories

Picked By: Carson

Here's Why: I've always loved to cook, but this app has made me love it even more! It has great recipes, instructional videos and it also helps you build a grocery list based on the recipes that you tag on the app.


Picked by: Steven

Here's Why: Gametime makes finding the perfect seats easy, affordable and fun! A must-have for all sports fans! By the way, you might have an exclusive VoxPerk from Gametime on your dashboard.


Picked By: Jia

Here's Why: Super awesome app for paying people immediately when you don't have cash on you. You can link your bank accounts and there also aren't any fees!


Picked by: David

Here's Why: Not a very creative choice, but it's so addicting and I actually use it daily compared to my other apps I forget I even have most of the time.


Picked by: Bridgett

Here's Why: For the directionally challenged people out there, this application is the only reason I don't look like a lost tourist everyday. In my opinion, it has an easier interface than Google Maps. Couldn't live without it.


Picked By: Rachel

Here's Why: Perfect for when I have no idea what to make for lunch/dinner/drinks/anything else (i.e. all the time). It basically searches every food blog for whatever you're in the mood for (or whatever you have in the fridge) and helps you make a grocery list too!


Picked by: Andie

Here's Why: It’s an easy-to-use personal finance app that breaks down your expenditures by category each month. It lets you set budgets for each category of spending (home, food/restaurants, clothing, technology etc.). It also lets you create your own saving goals, and calculates the money you need to save to hit them! It’s so helpful and interesting to see how much money you’re spending, and really lets you see where you need to cut back.


Picked By: Gabriela

Here's Why: Best way to keep in touch with people who are far away/not in the country

Sosh & AirBnB

Picked By: Alessandro

Here's Why: Recently the Sosh app got my attention for design and attention to details, I also really like the new AirBnb app for the same reasons.

Sports Tracker

Picked By: Caroline

Here's Why: It maps and times your run (you can do other workouts, too), and then breaks down your pace, speed, heart rate, etc. You can also see other friends' workouts, if you so choose (I don't), but it made running/training much more easy and way more interesting. A good motivator!


Picked By: Savannah

Here's Why: It's a transport app that's intuitive and thoughtfully designed, with at-a-glance information that helps you quickly choose a route. I actually think it's more user-friendly than Google Maps!


Picked By: Elizabeth

Here's Why: Steps tracks the distance you walk/run each day - and it's free! Not to brag but yesterday I walked 13 miles!


Picked By: Aydin

Here's Why: It's like have a million shopping assistants in the palm of your hand! What else do you want? Also this app makes it so easy to complete all of your campaign activities and unlock brand badges seamlessly!