What Influensters Really Think About Holiday Gifts

The good—and the bad.

Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

The holiday countdown is on, Influensters! If you haven't picked up a present for your favorite co-worker, that special someone in your life, or your second cousin twice removed, you have just a few days left to snag just the perfect gift. In the spirit of giving—and receiving—we conducted a flash survey of 9.4K Influensters asking them how they really feel about the gifting season. The results might just surprise you!

Although 42% of respondents say they love the hunt of finding something perfect for someone special around the holidays, when it comes to actually shopping for said perfect gift, 40% of respondents admit they get anxious about giving gifts.


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And, to no surprise, a lot of this pressure and stress has to do with who the present is for. Thirty three percent of respondents note that parents are the most difficult to shop for around the holidays. Whereas 26% of respondents say significant others and siblings tie as the easiest groups to shop for. Now, when asked who our respondents feel most pressured to buy gifts for outside of their family, significant other's family and friends came in as the two groups that have them feeling the present pressure!

As far as the actual presents themselves, 44% of respondents note they typically spend about $101 to $500 on gifts during the holiday season. And no surprise here, they're looking online to discover the best products around! Seventy one percent of respondents note they browse the Internet to get ideas for gifts, while 57% say they actually turn to social media for inspo! And, we don't have to tell you reviews matter to our Influenster shoppers: 85% of respondents say they check reviews before buying gifts! And what's more, 80% of respondents say good ratings and reviews online is the most important factor when selecting a present.



Lastly, not every gift is a winner. When our respondents get gifts they're not crazy about, 92% of respondents play the nice card and put on a smile and pretend they love their gift—even if they don't keep it! Although 45% of survey respondents admit they try to use a bad present, 19% admit they'll re-gift it, while 14% will flat out return it!

As far as who makes the naughty list for bad gifts, 25% of respondents believe that co-workers give the worst presents. But there's some light at the end of the holiday tunnel: 37% and 36% of respondents say parents and significant others, respectively, give the best gifts!

How do you feel about holiday shopping? Sound off with your best and worst holiday gift story below!

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