What's In the Cards for You This Week? Let's Find Out

Pick card 1,2 or 3

Caitlin U.
ByCaitlin U.

Looking for a little cosmic guidance? Influenster is kicking off a new, free online tarot card reading series to help you better navigate the week ahead. Sometimes, taking a moment to be present and self reflective is all we need to grow on a personal level. So, we teamed up with Jackie Ortez, Reiki and spiritual counselor, to offer our Influensters a weekly reading. 


Here's How to Pick Your Card

In daily life, we are faced with many decisions that require careful thought and planning. And using our intuition is not always at the forefront of our minds as an option. "I want you to take this weekly card reading as an opportunity to use that gut feeling," says Jackie.


"What I want you to do is look at the cards and pick whichever one you are first drawn to. Don’t overthink it; trust that you will chose the one with the message for you."  


So, If you've made your choice, check out your online Tarot Card Reading below to reveal the message that's meant for you this week. 



It’s time to start planning!  There is something that you have been looking into learning in order to expand your personal development or business.  I feel you have the spirit of an entrepreneur and are full of ideas that are mulling in your head, but they don’t make it to paper. The time is here to make those day dreams a reality. 



Your Action: Start with writing down a list of things or classes you would love to take. Chose one of those items and make an action plan on how you will execute it. Using a planner will help you to become more structured in order to help the ideas become reality. Remember, it is fantastic to have a creative mind, but there is freedom in structure.  



Oh, you beautiful butterfly you! The transformation your life and soul have taken in the last 18 months is beautiful. It feels like your home and inner self have grown in a way that wasn’t expected, and although it wasn’t always pretty, you are ending up exactly where you needed to be.  Sometimes in life we have expectations of places we think we need to be, or things we needed to accomplish by a certain time. This transformation has taught you to start throwing those expectations and limitations you put upon yourself in the past, and out the window!



Your Action: Sit down, put some meditation music on and really reflect on all you have been through and how you thrived. There is nothing like showing gratitude for what you have that will propel more things to be grateful for, consider starting a gratitude journal and jot down a few things you are thankful for in this moment. 




The direction you have been going in is leaving you in a negative state. It may be the people you are surrounding yourself with or listening to. The situation is not only draining you, but causing you to think more negatively than you usually do. It’s almost as if there is a cloud of dirt surrounding your aura, like Pig Pen from Peanuts. You are able to change the tides, but it will take some work.



Your Action: Spend some time in nature by taking a walk in the park or by the beach, and evaluate what has been working in your life and what has not been. Use your intuition to feel what you may need to change. You will want to also pump up your self-care routine with a relaxing bath. This will help cleanse your aura, so you can think more clearly.



Which card did you pick? Did your reading resonate? Looking for more cosmic insights? Follow @healingguidancejackie for a daily dose of zen and come back next week for a fresh, new reading