What's Trending in #CurlyHairEssentials

For the curly girlies.

If you checked out our last photo feature theme, you may have taken part in our #CurlyHairEssentials contest. When it comes to achieving a tamed tousled look, we were curious to know which products Influensters with curly hair (or those striving for a curly mane) turn to. 

Hundreds of Influensters participated. From texturizing sprays to curl quenchers, it turns out a lot of you incorporate similar products into your daily routines! Ahead, find the top trending products for curly hair essentials. 

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What do you use to get the perfect curl? Tell us in the comments!

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Claire R.
Claire R.
I'm a Texas girl living in NYC and obsessed with all things beauty–hot rollers (so southern, I know!), lipstick, and magnetic eyeshadows are just a few of my favorite things. Follow me @clairehrodgers on Instagram!
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