Big News: We're Getting Bigger and Better Just for You

And we can't keep it secret any longer!

ByCaitlin M.

There's no doubt about it: our Influenster members make up the most product-savvy, informed shopping community around. And that's why we at HQ continually work to make Influenster the best place for you to discover the latest products; share your honest opinions; interact with the brands that matter to you; and connect with like-minded shoppers via our galleries, discussions and more! And of course, who can forget our legendary VoxBoxes, enabling you to be among the first to test out the latest and greatest new products? 

So that's why we're pleased to share some news that’s got us excited: we’re becoming part of a new, larger company called Bazaarvoice, which is a technology provider that shares our mission to better connect consumers and brands. 


What does this mean to you? First and foremost, we're still the Influenster you know and love. That is, your source for honest reviews, an amazing user community, and—of course— VoxBoxes. In fact, this only means things are going to ultimately get bigger and better for you, our Influensters!

We'll now have potential for:

  • More of the brands that've got you buzzing on the Influenster platform

  • More products for you to review—get ready to raise your voice loud and proud!

  • More activities and features rolling out on our app

  • More members and more voices in even more countries

  • Global expansion localization, adding products in your local countries

  • And so, so much more!


As our loyal members, we wanted to keep you in the loop with the news from HQ. Thank you for your continued support, and we cannot wait for the weeks, months, and years ahead!