OMG—Influenster's App Just Got a Brand New Look

New feed alert!

Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

Have you updated your Influenster app lately? If so you may have noticed a little bit of a makeover. Introducing your brand new Influenster feed! We're still bringing you the same amazing content, we're just making it easier than ever to see the content you love most on Influenster. We've totally personalized your experience, meaning you'll see photos, galleries, products, and discussions based on your interests and likes.

new app

Your new feed will give you everything you want to see most on Influenster like the most recent gallery photos from friends you follow, as well as suggested Influensters to follow! 

But that's not it. You'll also discover the top-rated products and discussions in the categories you care about most. Plus, you'll get articles about new launches, trends, and top Influenster picks based on topics already enjoy.




So what does that mean for you? Time to get those follower counts up, because for the first time ever, your follower count now directly relates to your Impact Score. The more followers you amass on Influenster, the higher your Impact Score score goes up! So not only does our new social feed mean you'll get a more enjoyable, personalized Influenster experience, but it also means you'll be able to share your opinion and your best content with all of your own followers! 


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And getting followers is super easy. Simply continue to be an active member of the Influenster community: leave reviews, ask questions, answer your fellow Influensters' questions, post to our trending galleries, and follow Influensters with similar interests. But the best way to get more followers on Influenster? Invite your squad to join the fun! Connect and follow your friends who are already on Influenster, but you should also invite those who haven't joined yet to join and follow you on Influenster so they don't miss a second of your content.

Ready to see your new feed? Make sure you have the latest update of the Influenster app to enjoy customized content and connect with your friends!

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