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How to Properly Disclose

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What disclosure really means:

Here at Influenster we take disclosure very seriously so we want to make sure you understand it. As a member of Influenster, you have the unique opportunity to test products that are new and completely complimentary. With that privilege comes the responsibility to let your followers, family, and friends know that you're testing these items free of charge. And that's all disclosure really means—letting people know you got products for free, being honest about it right away, and letting them know every single time you post that you got your products complimentary from Influenster.

What happens if I don't disclose?

Members participating in all Influenster campaigns are required to abide by our disclosure rules outlined in our terms, campaign pages, and emails. Failure to abide by these rules will result in a warning. If the warning is not heeded, the member will be suspended from all Influenster campaigns.

Need even more instruction on how to properly disclose? Read on!


We know you love posting about your VoxBoxes and VirtualVox campaigns on social and there are a few things you should do every single time you post.

1. The best way to disclose is to clearly state in your caption that you "received this product complimentary" from Influenster for testing purposes. You could also state that you "got this product for free from Influenster." You could also use #gotitfree (as long as it is not buried in a sea of other hashtags!) but stating that your products were complimentary in your caption is always best.

2. Use appropriate hashtags as outlined in campaign communication and rules. Each VoxBox you receive has unique hashtags that you should use every time you post.

3. Use the #contest in every post you do that relates to a badge task. The social tasks you do to unlock the badges on your dashboard should always be labeled with #contest. This applies to all of your posts if you are participating in a virtual campaign too!

the proper way to disclose


image via @styleraiders_


Whether you’re writing a review on Influenster or another site, make sure to mention that you received the product(s) for free for testing purposes. As always, we ask to give your honest opinion, but regardless of what you think of the product, it’s important to let others know you received it complimentary. Be sure to follow the instructions in the brand badge to see exactly how you should disclose for that task.


Want to become a reviewing rockstar? Here are some questions that you should ALWAYS ask yourself while writing a product review!

  • Have I tried this product?
  • Did I receive this product for free? If yes, did I disclose?
  • How can my review contribute to the conversation?
  • Is my review high quality and informative?
  • Is my review honest and original?



When writing a blog post about your complimentary product(s), make sure to let your readers know these were sent to you for testing purposes from the beginning. An easy way to make sure you’re disclosing properly is to copy and paste this line: "I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes".

If you want to take your disclosure to the next level, and wear your Influenster heart on your sleeve, you can add the Influenster widget to your blog! Get your widget by going to your Dashboard and clicking the "Get Widget" link next to "Your Blog."

image via theredolentmermaid.com



When filming a video, you have so many options for disclosure. The easiest start to doing this is copying & pasting the sentence “I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.” into the “About” section of your video description.

Another good way you should disclose is also say it flat out in your video! In the beginning, tell your viewers that you received this VoxBox with pride - after all, you are an Influenster all-star.

image via youtube.com/jenncyu


Another good way to make sure that you’re disclosing properly is to pay attention to the VoxFox! VoxFox will be at the bottom of your screen, emails, and popping up other places to give tips and guidelines for disclosure.

vox fox disclosure

So, there you have it! Disclosure mission complete on our end, but you’re just getting started!

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