How to Properly Disclose in a Review or Social Post

It's important and so easy!

Within our community, we take disclosure very seriously, so we want to make sure you understand the ins and outs of disclosing when writing a review or posting on social media.

We choose you to be part of our VoxBox campaigns and Digital Challenges because we want your honest opinion: whether you love it, leave it, or somewhere in the middle, we only ask for your honest review and for you to disclose properly. 

When writing a review on the Influenster app, your review is automatically badged as “Incentivized” so you don’t have to disclose. If you’re leaving a review on a retailer site, check your campaign page for instructions on how to disclose, as we’ll provide you with specific instructions.

What happens if I don't disclose?

Members participating in all Influenster campaigns are required to abide by our disclosure rules outlined in our terms, campaign pages, and emails. Failure to follow these rules will result in a warning. If the warning is not heeded, the member will be suspended from all Influenster campaigns.  


4 Easy steps to disclose on 3rd party sites, social media posts and videos:

  1. The best way to disclose is to clearly state in your caption that you "received this product for free" for testing purposes.
  2. Use appropriate hashtags as outlined in campaign communication and rules. Each VoxBox campaign or Digital Challenge you participate in, may have unique hashtags that should be used each time you post. Remember, for any campaign where you received a free product, you must use the hashtag #complimentary in your social post. Plus, hashtags help us find your post, and we love to see how our members flaunt their VoxBox products.
  3. When writing a blog post about your complimentary product(s), make sure to let your readers know these were sent to you for testing purposes from the beginning. All great writers mention their sources.
  4. When filming a video, you can either copy and paste the sentence “I received these products for free from Influenster for testing purposes” in the “About” section of your video description or you can disclose the sentence in the beginning of your video. 


There you have it. Consider yourself a master of disclosure at this point. Still want more info on this topic? Check out our disclosure page for all the details.


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