InfluenSTAR: Wendy

InfluenSTAR: Wendy

ByCait G.

Yaaaaaas Queen—Diva Makeup Queen, that is! Wendy has been on our radar for a while with makeup reviews and life hacks useful for any beauty enthusiast. She's so beauty focused, in fact, that she started her own DMQ cosmetics line. Read on to learn more about how this YouTube sensation turned into a complete makeup brand!

InfluenSTAR Diva Makeup Queen

How did you get started? Did you set out to grow your YouTube following or did it come naturally?

"I got started on YouTube as a hobby. At first, it was just for fun, but then as more and more people started to watch my videos I started to dedicate more time to it. In the last year, I decided to become more serious when about making YouTube videos. Since I do take the time out to make videos, of course, I want to reach more people and grow the channel, but what I enjoy the most is the creative power of making videos! I am the producer, the editor, the director, and the on-camera person! It's a one woman show and it is absolutely my passion! Now, I have extended my creativity by having my own makeup line DMQ Cosmetics, a magnetic makeup line that is customizable, travel-friendly, and self-empowering."


You're stranded on a deserted island (with WiFi—thank God!) and can only use one form of social media—what would be it? Why?

"Snapchat! It's like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook all combined into one. You can chat with friends, upload pictures and videos all at the same time. For me, it's fun to see what your friends are up to and typically I like to use it as another form of vlogging."


What are some products you love that you've discovered through social media / people you follow?

"Well, I love the now classic Urban Decay Naked Palette. I remember that when it first came out, literally every YouTube beauty guru was talking about it, and the product stands the test of time. It is definitely one of my most reached for products. I also love Makeup Geek's line of makeup. It's affordable and so pigmented. I wouldn't have known about her line if I didn't follow her on YouTube!"


What's your favorite feature on the Influenster app?

"I love the Discover section where you can find different articles and lists from Influenster members. It's a great way to find out about new products to try! I just finished reading #TrendingNow: Stick Versions Of Your Favorite Makeup! Love it!"


What are your must-have beauty products? Which are the ones you can't live without?

"I can't live without the ELF Brow Cream. It's so easy to apply and they work just as well as the high-end ones."

So, now you know how one YouTube sensation turned her subscriber base into a full on makeup brand! Do you have any questions?! Ask away in the comments below!