InfluenSTAR: Rachel H

InfluenSTAR: Rachel H

Cait G.
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We have a love/hate relationship with looking at Rachel aka AustinFoodstagram’s page. We love her amazing photographs, but hate that they always leave us so hungry. To be quite honest, Influenster HQ just isn’t close enough to Austin. Rachel is the Austin IT girl when it comes to finding the right place to grab indulge and imbibe! Read below to learn more about her and view her Instagram to see how a real foodie keeps fueled up during SXSW!


How did you get started? Did you set out to grow your Instagram following or did it come more naturally?

My account was started just for fun. I had always loved visiting local restaurants and tasting new dishes. I interacted with many other foodies for fun, but never would have imagined Foodstagram would become as popular as it did.


What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own blog?

The key factor is to base your blog on something that you are truly passionate about. Accounts with genuine content and nice photos that are streamlined tend to be the most successful. This also makes the posting process more fun. It’s a great way to document your adventures and should ultimately be looked at as a hobby because chances are it will take up a good chunk of time!



In my happy place 😋🍖 📸: @javmilian #atx #micklethwaitcraftmeats #austinfoodstagram

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You're stranded on a deserted island (with WiFi - thank god!) and can only use ONE form of social media - what would be it? Why?

Oh my- this is a tough one. I think Facebook might be the easiest way to reach out to immediate friends and family, but I couldn’t possibly imagine life without Instagram, so I’ll have to go with that. Plus, now that Instagram has direct messaging capabilities it provides an opportunity to share information in a variety of ways. Photography and visuals are my favorite forms of media. :)


Best Places to Eat In Austin

All photos from @austinfoodstagram


What are some products you LOVE that you've discovered through social media / people you follow?

I’ve been able to connect with a ton of local Austin companies via Instagram. A few noteworthy ones are High Brew Coffee, Good Pop, NadaMoo and the Austin Winery. They all have awesome social media accounts, and the quality of the local touch is an added bonus. It’s fun to see these local companies take their products nationally, and even internationally. Austin, in particular, is super supportive of small business.



Weekend brunch bunch at @julietitalian on Barton Springs!

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What's your favorite feature on the Influenster App?

I love being able to search and find products that are genuinely, and personally, reviewed by other Influensters. Having a platform with all of this information is super helpful. I no longer have to scroll months back through someone’s social account, to try and find that ingredient or product I wanted to try, simply search the product category and take advice from reviews!


Your top 3 favorite snacks of all time?

This has to be Pretzel Crisp Crackers, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, and the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream!


So, there you go - that's how one foodie rose to Instagram fame! Take notes on how to document your local foodie adventures! What is your favorite food account to follow? Tell us in the comments below!


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