InfluenSTAR: Mel Rose

InfluenSTAR: Mel Rose

Cait G.
ByCait G.

Meet Mel Rose, NY Native and the funniest beauty blogger we know! Mel loves to browse skin care on the Influenster  and recently served as our Influenster Awards Ambassador for the skin care category. She’s also the blogger we’d most love to host at our weekly happy hours - watching her vlog is like chatting with one of your best girlfriends.

Read to find out how blogging can be therapeutic and her favorite beauty products of ALL TIME!

Mel Rose InfluenSTAR

How did you get started? Did you set out to grow your Instagram following or did it come more naturally?

I got started on YouTube back in 2009 when people were only on there to watch cute kitten videos. It's crazy to me that 7 years later, YouTube has turned into a HUGE community of folks just talking about stuff. It became the new MTV, in my opinion (shout out to TRL, #RIP). In terms of Instagram, it kind of just grew on its own. My subscribers from YouTube carried over, and now we have a little army of 51,000 of them!


What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own blog?

This is probably the worst answer, but you just have to GO FOR IT! I started my blog after making videos for a few years, and I gotta say, it's an entirely different ball game. If you're someone who has a passion for writing, blogging is one of the greatest ways to get started in that industry. It's also extremely therapeutic. Some of my "deep" pieces have helped me through situations just by writing them out.


Mel Rose

All photos from @officialmelrose


You're stranded on a deserted island (with WiFi - thank god!) and can only use ONE form of social media - what would be it? Why?

Snapchat! It's definitely become my most used platform. Instagram is great, but I look at it as more of an art. I try to keep my feed visually pleasing and keep the content pretty routine. On Snapchat, I can post a video of me and my girlfriends out for drinks and I wouldn't think twice about it. It helps me connect with my audience on a more personal level. I'm @officialmelrose on there!


What's your favorite feature on the Influenster app?

The scanner! Oh my God, has that really changed the way I shop. I love that I can just scan a barcode of a product that I'm unsure of, and get immediate results and reviews from fellow Influensters. Technology is cool.



What are your must-have beauty products? Which are the ones you can't live without?

Makeup Forever HD concealer is a new holy grail of mine. I've been using it for the past month and have received more compliments than I can count. Also, tea tree oil for blemishes. It's magic.


Take a peek at Mel Rose's favorite award-winning skincare products from the FIRST EVER Influenster Reviewers' Choice Awards - Best in Beauty!

So, do you have any questions for Mel Rose? Ask away in the comments below!

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