InfluenSTAR: Brit A

InfluenSTAR: Brit A

Cait G.
ByCait G.

Meet Brit Andrus, Utah beauty & Pinterest Queen! Learn about Brit's feelings on losing followers, her lucky #MCM and favorite emojis! (Editor's note: we couldn't agree more with her choice!) Follow along as we chat with this social media superstar, to find out what really is it like to get your following growing after a few obstacles!


How did you get started? Did you set out to grow your Instagram following or did it come more naturally?

I started gaining a following on Instagram when I began to post pictures of myself modeling. I felt dumb posting those at the time, but it seemed to be the best way to pick up more gigs! The followers I lost from posting bts/modeling pics made me feel bad.. But I quickly picked up an entirely new, supportive audience & following.


What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own blog?

The best advice I could give to anyone wanting to start a blog is to be true to YOU! There are so many blogs out there.. And your best bet to success is to be uniquely you! People will love you for you, and you will pick up an audience who adores you for all that you are if you're true to yourself! 



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You're stranded on a deserted island (with WiFi - thank god!) and can only use ONE form of social media - what would be it? Why?

Twitter! I'm brand new to the Twitter world, and love to randomly tweet out whatever is on my mind! I often just tweet personal or funny things on my Twitter account, and I love it! (:


Oribe Hair Care

Oribe Aribrush Root Touch Up Spray  / Oribe Texturizing Spray / Oribe Gel Serum / Donna Korans Cashmere Deodorant

What are your must-have beauty products? Which are the ones you can't live without?

Right now I'm OBSESSED with Oribe hair products.. they are incredible! My hair has never looked or smelt as good as it does right now! And that's all thanks to Oribe! Right now I'm digging their texturizing spray, root pump, and hair serum! I'm also insanely obsessed with Donna Korans Cashmere deodorant. I. Will. Never. Touch. Another. Stick. To. My. Pit. Again. Ever. Never ever. If you want to smell like an angel all day long, you need this product!


Where do you look for inspiration? Any accounts you're crushing on right now?

My first source for inspiration is Pinterest! Everything you see on my Pinterest usually turns into an outfit, a meal, a picture, or something else! I LOVE PINTEREST. Whoever invented Pinterest is a genius. 5 points to you! I also love Stellar! Stellar is a cute photo story telling app that people make. I often browse stellars featured stories for inspiration.


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