INCOMING! Sally Hansen Airbrush Face Makeup

INCOMING! Sally Hansen Airbrush Face Makeup

As we already know, Sally Hansen kills it in the airbrush game, but what you don’t know is that Sally Hansen has just launched a brand new airbrush makeup. With their airbrush products down to a science, this will capture the attention of all the foundation junkies out there.

For years, celebrities have been using airbrush makeup formula, a necessary means to compete with HD lenses that show every single pore. Until recently, spray formulas were applied with an airbrush wand, similar to what you might find at airbrush tanning salons. Needless to say, this was a concept left to professional makeup artists. But why should it be left to the artists to give you flawless, celebrity-perfect skin?!

Sally Hansen launched its Airbrush Face Makeup to revolutionize foundation. So say goodbye to cakey skin and defined lines, oh, and pores too!

The hype around airbrush formula resides in its distribution, blending more evenly than traditional foundation. Sally Hansen has micro-fine pigments, that don’t settle into pores, lines, or wrinkles (perfect if you are looking for anti-aging properties). Its oil-free formula provides lighter coverage, sitting evenly on your skin to make for a seamless canvas, creating a naturally brighter look.

This formula is buildable, meaning you use a small amount for a light veil, or add layers for greater coverage. This makeup really does deliver when it comes to all skin types -- it provided maximum coverage to target my mom’s dark spots and wrinkles, and light coverage for my oily/combination skin.



+ Oil-free Evens out skin tone

+ Minimizes the look of pores

Long wearing For all skin types


How It Works: 

1. Spray the formula onto your hand, then apply to your face.

2. Blend with a sponge, or wide brush.

3. Depending on your desired finish, you can use a blowdryer to help the formula set.


Tools to Keep Nearby:

Blow Dryer / Sponge / Wide Brush



The best part about this product is it is exceptionally light-weight, it feels as though you are wearing no makeup! And did we mention it extremely long-lasting?! Needless to say we are OBSESSED with this product. The best part? You can now pick up your own Sally Hansen Airbrush Face at your local Walmart!

Move over photoshop, we no longer need your airbrush feature! Let us know in the comments below if you will ditch your traditional makeup for Sally Airbrush Face Makeup!