INCOMING! Beauty That'll Hit the Shelves Soon!

INCOMING! Beauty That'll Hit the Shelves Soon!

Sure, everyone has their go-to’s in their makeup bag - but who isn't a sucker for new releases? Especially with all of the new product launches this month, you do not want to miss these!

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Who: MAC

What: New Collection: A Novel Romance.

When: In stores August 21st, but for those who can't wait it'll be available online on August 14th!

The Scoop: For this month's collection MAC draws inspiration from steamy romance paperbacks, featuring darker jewel tones for fall. We’re especially loving the over-the-top photo ops for the upcoming line, complete with flowy dresses and muscled men in kilts.

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Who: Christian Loubiton

What: Nail Polish: Rogue Loubiton + 30 more colors.

When: Signature Rogue Loubiton shade was released August 6th, while unfortunately we'll have to wait until the end of the month, August 31st, for the remaining 30 colors.

The Scoop: We can't act too surprised that Christian Louboutin has a nail polish line, considering his signature red soles were inspired by his assistant’s red nail polish! The highly-anticipated Rouge Louboutin shade is already out in stores, but the full range of 30 colors will be out by the end of the month. The polish comes in a sleek 8-inch tall bottle (the height of his tallest shoe, Ballerina Ultima, pictured above) and claims to

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Who: Brigeo

What: The entire line!

When: This month at Sephora.

The Scoop: Headed by ex-Goldman Sachs VP Nancy Twine, this natural hair care line has been around for about a year, but it’s only been available online or in a handful of salons in the states. Lucky for us, the beauty brand will be available en masse at Sephora. Keep an eye out this month!

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Who: Essie

What: A New Collection of Colors: Dressed to Kilt

When: September 2014

The Scoop: Have you been saving the darker shades for fall? Or maybe you've been rocking the muted tones on your fingertips all summer? Either way you're in luck! Essie’s lovely fall colors are out in stores next month! The shades include a dark red (“Dress to Kilt”), a dusty grey-green (“Fall in Line”), a rich chocolate brown (“Partner in Crime”), a bright navy blue (“Style Cartel”), a light taupe (“Take it Outside”), and a muted teal (“The Perfect Cover Up”).

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What: Lipstick: Audacios Collection

When: September 1st.

The Scoop: A throwback to one of François Nars’ first-ever lipstick collections from nearly two decades ago, the upcoming Audacious launch is already gaining mass appeal from lipstick fanatics everywhere. The 40-shade, you heard correctly FORTY SHADES, release is set to be available by September 1st, but be on the lookout for some early appearances!