INCOMING! BeautyBlender Introduces the Liner.Designer

INCOMING! BeautyBlender Introduces the Liner.Designer

What’s hot pink, a life saver, and plastic all over? We’ll give you a hint: it’s about to change your cat eye game. Yep, that’s right, the geniuses who brought us the egg-shaped makeup sponge are now blessing us with a tool that’s going to change the way we apply liners forever!!

Say hello to the Liner.Designer!

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According to BeautyBlender, this little gadget will steady your hand when lining your eyelids. It looks like a guitar pick and has three sides for different applications: “One short round edge, a straight-laced edge, and a curvy edge,” according to the site. It even comes in a petite portable case with an in-built mirror--SO genius!!


You’ve probably experienced the nightmare of scrappy looking eyeliner application (looking at you, liquid liner!) But, it looks like those days are about to be over. And as if we weren’t already hooked on the idea, the tool also doubles as a lip line definer!


We know, we know...March seems like a century away, but in the meantime you HAVE to check out some of Beauty Blender’s top products that are beauty holy grails.

Beauty blender, liner designer, makeup

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