IGK is Bringing You Vacation Hair in the Middle of Winter

Summer, is that you?

ByCaitlin M.

We love any excuse to pretend we're not living in the dark days of winter. After last week's ode to a coconut lip and hand balm from Lano, we were coming down off our faux vacation vibes when IGK dropped Thirsty Girl Coconut Milk Leave-In Conditioner to jet us back to imaginary warmer weather.

Basically, the new spray conditioner is hair's answer to winter trauma. Another winner in the coconut realm, Thirsty Girl boasts a coconut milk-enriched sprayable formula that adds hydration to hair while protecting it against the elements. Not only is this booster powered by soothing and smoothing coconut milk, but it also contains major hydrator hyaluronic acid to build up hair's moisture barrier. Lastly, murumuru butter is there to seal in those vitamins and minerals and lock in moisture.

Because of barrier builders like these, Thirsty Girl helps keep hair free of frizz (bless), shiny, smoother, and it boasts pollution protection. Not to mention all this hydration and nourishment is a prime recipe for split-end management. Now, if you're thinking all of this magic sounds strangely similar to your favorite skincare moisturizer, that's because it is! IGK created this formula to be just like hydrators for your dry skin. Oh, and because it's IGK, you can count on it boasting  vegan, cruelty-free, UV safe, and color safe. 

To reap these benefits, simply spray Thirsty Girl on damp hair and comb through. Your hair will get that big gulp of the hydration it's lacking in winter, and you'll get a much-needed whiff of tropical coconut fragrance that will have you pretending you're far, far away from freezing temps.

Thirsty Girl is available right now for $28 at Sephora.

Have you used IGK before? What are your favorite products? Share your top picks below!

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