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I Need a Cocktail: Wine Guide Part II

I Need a Cocktail: Wine Guide Part II

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See Part I of Maria's Wine Guide here!

You don't have to be a wine snob to appreciate knowing about various red and white types nor do you have to be a professional connoisseur in regards to knowing the correct pronunciation. After reading this simple guide you can discuss your favorite vino at any party with a certain confidence!



Blanc de Noir (Champagne)               Blahnk duh Nwahr

Brut (Champagne)                              Broot

Cabernet Sauvignon                           Cab-er-nay Saw-vin-yawn

Carignane                                           Kare-in-yawn

Chardonnay                                        Shar-duh-nay

Chenin Blanc                                      Shen-in Blahnk

French Colombard                             French Col-um-bard

Fume' Blanc                                       Foo-may Blahnk

Gerwurztraminer                               Ger-vertz-truh-mean-er

Grenache Rose'                                 Gruh-nosh Roe-zay

Johannisberg Riesling                       Joe-hahn-iss-berg Reez-ling

Meritage                                             Mare-eh-tedge

Merlot                                                 Mer-low

Muscat                                                Muss-kat

Petite Sirah                                        Puh-teet Ser-ah

Pinot Noir                                           Pea-no Nwahr

Semillon                                             Sem-ee-yawn

Zinfandel                                             Zin-fun-dell

Shiraz (Syrah)                                      Shir-oz

Chianti                                                 Key-an-tee       

Prosecco                                             Pro-sek-oh

Lambrusco                                          Lam-broos-co

Marsala                                               Mar-sala

Brunello                                              Broo-nell-o

Bordeaux                                            Boar-doe

Asti Spumanti (Sparkling Wine)          As-tee Spoo-ma-n-ti

Rhone                                                Rone

Grappa                                              Grah-pah

Rioja                                                Ree-oh-ha

Chablis                                            Sha-bleese       



Red wines- 45F, 53F, 63F, and 72F.

White wine- 50F

Riesling- 47F

Chardonnay- 48F

Chianti, Zinfandel- 59F

Pinot Noir, Rioga- 61F

Cabernet- 63F

Bordeaux, Shiraz- 64F

Ice Wine- 43F

Asti Spumanti- 41F

Champagne- 45F


Get more great tips from Maria at her blog, Venus Loves Virgo!

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