I Need a Cocktail: For the Whiskey Lovers

Whether you're impressing the tough guys at the bar when you order it, or impressing yourself with just how satisfying it is, whiskey is just downright impressive. 

Given the recent popularity of Fireball Whiskey, a smoother, less intense alternative to the stuff your father drinks, fall is the perfect time to combine its warm cinnamon flavor with crisp apple cider. This Fireball Cider Bomb is a delicious way to enjoy a cocktail while keeping with the seasons. 

Ice Cubes
2 ounces Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey
3 ounces apple cider
1 ounce cherry grenadine syrup
Apple slices
Maraschino cherry

What to Do:

Fill 1/4 of a glass - high ball or wine - with ice cubes so that you are chilling the drink instead of watering it down. 

Pour whiskey and apple cider, stirring gently to mix. 

Slowly add some cherry grenadine syrup to the top to make the drink a warm shade of red.  

Garnish your drink with apple slices and top off with a cherry.  

Makes one serving. 

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Maura D.
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