I Didn't Believe in CC Creams Until Now

I kinda still don't, but this helps.

ByCaitlin M.

A few years back when BB creams hit the market, I was super excited. Finally, a solution to my hatred of foundation but my desire to not look totally bare-faced, I thought. But, alas, I was disappointed. Most were far too light, and a few were so heavy that I questioned whether they were foundations in disguise. 

Flash forward a year and CC creams were the "new" BB cream in the beauty world. They promised to color correct and have an even lighter finish than a BB cream. I already had a color corrector, so why would I use this?, I questioned. After a disastrous run with BB creams, I bowed out of the CC game faster than they were flying off of Sephora shelves. And I didn't touch another for nearly three years.

That was until I met French-meets-Korean brand, Erborian and their CC Crème HD à la Centella Asiatica. I'm not sure what it was about this CC cream that convinced me to forego my distaste of the entire alphabet-themed skincare-makeup hybrid, but I decided to give Erborian a shot—probably because it contained a SPF 25 and my current SPF simply wasn't cutting it.

erborian cc creme

What I first noticed about the cream was its texture: it was thicker than I thought—and white. And, although I was skeptical based on appearance alone, upon application, all my fears were quelled. Somewhere in between makeup and skincare, Erborian's CC cream is part color-corrector part fairy-goddess luminizer. 

The thick cream instantly melts into skin and evens out any redness or discoloration, covers blemishes, and actually creates a soft radiant glow. The cream comes in two shades—regular and clair (for fair ladies like myself)—and almost like magic, transforms from a white cream to match you skin tone. Not only does it adapt to match your skin, but it also creates a subtle glow that dare I say it, has been taking the place of my favorite highlighter. With SPF, a moisturizing formula, and true color-correcting HD encapsulated pigments, this is one CC cream that actually does what it promises—and then some.

I might not be a total convert to the world of BBs, CCs, and DDs—it's just a lot, OK?—but I can definitely say I'm one step closer.

Have you tried a CC cream? What is your favorite? Share with us your top pick!

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