This Cult Favorite Face Mask Now Has Holographic & Glitter Options


Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

When I Dew Care's Disco Kitten mask first went viral across the beauty world, it was totally easy to see why. It had the coveted trifecta that beauty product aims for: a cute name, it photographs well, and it works! (We're proud owners of this chrome brightening mask and can attest to its much-earned fame.) But it looks like the K-beauty brand is adding a few more kittens to the klub, and this time they're holographic and glitter themed.


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In case disco-worthy metallics weren't quite your speed (insert shocked face here!), I Dew Care has two new peel-off face masks to suit your need. Meet the new Sugar Kitten Mask  ($23.00, Ulta), a holographic wonder that transforms from light green to an iridescent pink, and the new Space Kitten Mask ($23.00, Ulta), a royal blue glittering mask. Although the masks are admittedly feasts for the eyes and for your Insta-feed, they're more than just pretty faces. Each actually contains potent ingredients to tackle some serious skin concerns too.


I Dew Care Sugar Kitten

First, Sugar Kitten works to hydrate skin with hyaluronic acid and calming rose water—two big players in drenching that skin barrier with more H2O. In addition, it contains real ruby and pearl powders to help boost radiance and refresh dull skin. As far as Space Kitten is concerned, it's all about exfoliation. This charcoal-based mask detoxifies skin and removes impurities, while volcanic ash and witch hazel offer a deep pore cleanse and control sebum. Finally, it's got that jewel oomph too with topaz and diamond powders to exfoliate and revive.

I Dew Care Space Kitten

The new masks are available for all your holographic and glitter needs for only $23 at Ulta. And if these are anything like Disco Kitten ($23.00, Ulta), we've got some new cult classics on our hands. 

Which mask would you try? Share if you're team Disco Kitten, Sugar Kitten, or Space Kitten below!

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