I Am Celebrating Groundhog’s Day This Year. Here’s Why.

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s to celebrate the little things, even six more weeks of winter. 

Julia H.
ByJulia H.

Groundhog’s day. Each year, the groundhog comes out of it’s hidey-hole and if they see their shadow due to clear skies, it will retreat back to its den for six more weeks of winter. If cloudiness impairs the groundhog from seeing its shadow, legend notes that spring is in tow. Impartial scientific data shows our friend the groundhog is only accurate 35%-40% of the time, but we still politely ask his opinion each year.  


If I could take an educated guess, I’d say that you probably don’t have this holiday marked on your calendar; rather, you stumble upon this day each year while clicking through channels or scrolling on social media. A very under-rated holiday that doesn’t feel like a real holiday. If the groundhog doesn’t see its shadow, great… spring is coming, but I’m still cold right now. If he does… great, now I get to wallow in winter time blues for six more weeks.


While the concept of having a small mammal inaccurately estimate our weather forecast seems silly, this year I implore you to do something to celebrate. Here’s why.


My mother hates winter. Always has, always will. My mother is also notoriously remembered by friends and family for the 5 years she threw an annual Groundhog's Day party. What did these include, you may wonder? 


Since she hated the winter so much, she used this day as an excuse to pretend that, for just a day, it was summer instead. Each year she hosted parties where guests dressed as though it was summer: shorts, sunglasses, bathing suit tops... like they were going to a luau or barbeque. She made hot dogs, hamburgers, drinks with lemonade, and decorated her apartment with beach balls and tiki torches. The whole nine yards. Over 20 years later, she still gets texts each Groundhog’s Day from friends wishing her a happy holiday.


My mom told me this story years ago, and I sort of back-pocketed it.


Earlier this January I unpacked my new 2021 calendar and flipped through the months, breezing over the images and holidays, wondering what kind of events or to-do’s would eventually fill up each page. I remembered how I did the same thing the year prior; with wide eyes looking at my 2020 planner, completely unaware of how the year would actually go, lots of blank pages, negative space, canceled birthday parties and vacations. As I reflected on the past year and looked over my new calendar, I landed in February 2021 and spotted it: Groundhog Day. Finally, I got it.


My mother used the mundane holiday as an excuse to spark some happiness, break the barriers of the frigid February days, and give herself something to look forward to.


2020 taught me to truly appreciate - no, celebrate the little things. It wasn’t an easy year for a lot of people, for a lot of reasons. We were stripped of our celebrations, family gatherings, holidays, and vacations. In place, we learned how lucky we are for the small somethings - the FaceTime calls, the birthday cards, baking your own bread, becoming your own stylist, learning what drives you when you feel stuck, discovering a talent you never knew you had because you never had the time to practice.


Instead of feeling melancholy over the new normal of blank calendars and unknowns, this year I choose to celebrate Groundhog’s Day for the same reason my mother did. After a long year, we all deserve little things to celebrate, to look forward to.


Of course, life today is far from life in the 80s, when my mother was throwing her exclusive Groundhog Day parties. We have new levels of comfortability, limits, and understanding when it comes to social lives. That said, here’s a few ways you can still make a celebration of what would be a mundane day.


Celebrate with your Quarantine Crew

If you have been socializing in exclusive, small groups, take this opportunity to have a safe celebration for the friends or family you have allowed yourself to see. Imagine the pure joy on their faces when you turn a normal Tuesday into something special. If you want to take some inspiration from my mother, grab some items like the below to throw your own summer-seasoned party. 


  1. Tropical Drinks. My mom said she always used lemonade, as it just tastes like summer. Checkout these 7 summer cocktails you can also try. 

  2. Cookout food. How long has it been since we last had a slider? These recipes will cure your cravings! 

  3. Summer vibes. Grab some leis, festive straws for your drinks, flower clips, or simply break out the box of summer clothes you put away.


Celebrate yourself.

Not down for a luau? We get it. There’s still ways you can turn this typical Tuesday into something special for yourself. You deserve it! Take the day to celebrate the small things. 


  1. Start a project you’ve been meaning to. If you’ve had something in the back of your brain, do yourself justice and set time aside to get working on it. See how it makes you feel. You never know what might snowball from a passion project. 

  2. Or the opposite - give yourself the break you’ve needed. It’s no secret that we here at Influenster are experts in relaxation. Get some bath oils, face masks, try journaling, or meditating to wind down. 

  3. Treat yourself to your favorite dinner. I don’t think I need to explain any further for this one.


If you’ve made it this far, you either think I’m crazy for saying this Groundhog’s Day deserves a luau or self-care splurge, or you’re riding my wave. Either way, this year I hope you find something small to celebrate, to look forward to, or to do for yourself. 


So tell us in the comments below, how would you celebrate Groundhogs Day?


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