How To: Wear Yoga Clothes in Real Life

So, in case you hadn’t noticed, I have a lot of yoga clothes. DUH. I’m a yoga teacher. I also have a plethora of running clothes. But, alas, we cannot wear our fitness wear EVERYWHERE.

Or can we? Here’s how I sneak my yoga clothes into my real life fashion! (And you can, too!)


1. Add a cute cardigan!

WHAM! Instant street cred. Layering = yogis disguise. I added this long flowered Anthropologie cardigan over my black Lorna Jane Pammy Bra, black Onzie glossy flow top, and Lululemon pink leggings. Suddenly, I am ready to brunch with the girls!

2. Buy yoga shirts that LOOK like “real life” shirts!

Transitions from yoga to real life are suddenly quick and easy! Plus, your shirt gets more wear by doubling as part of your normal wardrobe.This is one of the reasons I LOOOOOVE Lorna Jane Activewear. Their tops look like real people tops, i.e. non-yogi tops. Check out this “Never Never Never Give Up” tank.

Never Never Give Up tank

3. Pair your full-length black yoga leggings with a flowy casual top.

Who says your yoga and running leggings can’t be EVERYDAY leggings, too? Guess what? You can even get the fun leggings, like these snazzy rebel core stability tights from Lorna Jane and Anthropologie Garment-Dyed V-Neck Top.

Anthropologie Garment-Dyed V-Neck

4. OWN IT.

Wear your activewear out and about with pride and confidence.These OOFOS may not be on the cutting edge of fashion, but they sure are comfortable! After a long run or race day, I am not ashamed to wear my oofos in public.

5. Think outside the box and have fun!

Try adding a necklace to make your outfit sparkle! Can you substitute a skirt for tights and keep the top half the same? Maybe just add a hat? What does a scarf do? Can you throw a maxi dress on over your sports bra? Give it a shot…

Have fun taking your activewear to ENSEMBLE! ANYTHING GOES!

How do you transform your fitness wardrobe into real life? Do you mix and match? Keep things separate? Let me know in the comments below!

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