How to Use Chocolate In Your Beauty Routine…Without Eating It

The holidays are approaching and for us that means our sugar quotient goes up significantly. Fortunately for chocolate lovers everywhere, there are chocolate-inspired and chocolate-centered beauty products to turn to when a craving strikes and our waistlines can't take much more!

Too Faced The Chocolate Shop Makeup Set ($58)

Each of the eye shadows, lip glosses, and bronzers in this amazing makeup palette are enriched with cocoa powder. Not only is each formula richly pigmented and easily blended, but the smell of the cocoa will transport you to a local chocolate shop when you open it up.  

Too Faced The Chocolate Shop

Montagne Jeunesse Masque Hot Chocolate ($5.99)

This mask not only resembles melted molten chocolate, but has the added benefit of cleansing your pores. The “hot” in the hot chocolate is revealed as the mask self-heats when applied to skin. You'll get a soothing sensation in just a few minutes as it dries. It’s the perfect sweet spa treatment to accompany a cup of homemade hot chocolate.

Montagne Jennesse Masque Hot Chocolate

DELUGE Chocolate Body Scrub ($20.75)

This exfoliating scrub firms your skin thanks to the caffeine in chocolate. The natural oils and exfoliating salt leave skin smooth. This product also has anti-aging properties thanks to the antioxidants in the chocolate!

DELUGE Chocolate Body Scrub


Ciate London Choc Pot ($8)

Ciate choc pot nail polish remover

If the smell of regular nail polish remover makes your head spin, try this unique twist on the product. Ciate's Choc Pot features a sponge soaked with chocolate-scented remover—no nose plug or cotton balls needed.



What chocolate products do you love? Share in the comments below!