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Caitlin M.
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It only takes one trip down any beauty aisle to see at least one body brush. And although it's easy to bypass these scrubbing brushes as unnecessary additions, don't let the unassuming bristles fool you. Dry brushes are so much more than fancy exfoliators. Keep reading to see what exactly is dry brushing and how to master the brushing technique for yourself.

The scoop: Dry brushing is done with a wooden brush with tightly positioned, firm natural (or synthetic) bristles. It's ideal for exfoliating away dead skin cells, unclogging pores, stimulating the lymphatic system, and according to some, reducing the appearance of cellulite. 

Why it’s necessary: In addition to making skin softer, dry brushing is said to stimulate your lymph nodes. Your lymph nodes are strongly tied to your body's immune support. Brushing the skin stimulates blood and lymph vessels just below the skin and purportedly helps stimulate the normal lymph flow so the body can detoxify itself. Some even claim dry brushing helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. Although there is no scientific evidence to support this claim, smoother skin is always welcome! 

How to do it: Typically, dry brushing is done before you shower and on dry skin. Take your brush and sweep it over skin in a circular motion starting with the feet and hands and working toward the heart. Brushing might feel uncomfortable at first—those bristles are pretty firm!—but it will get easier as your body gets used to it. Aim to dry brush twice a day and follow with a shower and a nourishing lotion.

Shop the trend:

Essentials Body Benefits by Body Image Natural Bristle Bath Brush

dry body brush

This long-handled brush allows you to easily reach your back and legs for an easy brushing experience.

Sephora Collection Dry Revive: Dry Body Brush

dry brush sephora collection

This handheld brush is ideal for those who like to control. You can easily control the pressure and work on specific areas of concern with this small brush!

Aveda Tulasāra Radiant Facial Dry Brush

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Your face can also benefit from a little brushing action. This one is inspired by a gentle exfoliating technique used in Ayurveda called gharsana.

Have you ever tried dry brushing? What are your best tips and tricks? Share with us below.

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