How to Transition Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

How to Transition Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

Fall is imminent. The crisp autumn scent that August carries with it, along with the occasional rogue acorn and crunchy leaf, are confirmation that summer days are sadly dwindling and we’ll have to shell out some cash to invest in boots, sweaters, coats. Or do we? Maybe the seasons can change and our wardrobe doesn’t have to. Maybe, just maybe, with a few transitional pieces, our sundresses can be converted into fall dresses and our tank tops can make an appearance at Thanksgiving dinner. Put your wallet to good use with a few transitional items and, lo and behold, your fall ready and your bank account isn’t a shell of what it used to be.


1. Get fleece-lined tights --- and lots of them!


image via xhiliration

Not only are fleece lined tights more comfortable than constricting, tight, opaque stockings (they feel like leggings!), they’re also super cozy and warm, and will carry you through the fall and winter chills while showing off your legs and putting your summer dresses to good use. Pair your white cotton dress with a pair of fleece lined tights, black boots and a denim jacket and you’re good to go. You can get fleece-lined tights at most major department stores such as Target, and order a bunch of them from Amazon.



2. Love your denim jacket! 

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This item is most definitely not limited to chilly summer nights, but rather one that will be your best friend on those chilly-but-not-quite-frigid days in September and October. Throw it over your summer tops, layer it with a sweater, or pair it with a skirt and tights or corduroys, and you’ll be comfy and cozy for days on end. Find denim jackets at all major department stores online and in-store, usually year round! I got mine at TJ Maxx.



3. Grab some light scarves.

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Whether it’s an infinity scarf or a pashmina, scarves update any summer outfit and make it a fall fashion do. On those days that are too hot for your denim jacket but too cold to go sleeveless, compromise with a scarf – if you’re cold, use it as a shawl, but otherwise, drape it around your neck and be sure pick out a fun, neutral colored pattern to amp up your outfit.

Where to find scarves: Literally everywhere that sells clothes. But, if you’re looking for good quality, lightweight scarves, I recommend Anthropologie.



4. Throw a sweater over it. 

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My personal favorite fall transitional outfit is the sweater-skirt-boot combo, sans tights. The boots keep my feet extra warm, the sweater keeps me cozy, but without tights I’m never overheated. This unofficial uniform takes me through most of September and October without falter. And when it gets too cold for bare legs? Cue the aforementioned fleece-lined tights. But regardless of your uniform, your summer wardrobe doesn’t have to change much until the trees are bare and the weather dips below 60 degrees – throw a sweater over your usual outfit, whether its your favorite tank top and jeans or sundress and you’ll be good to go.

Where to find sweaters: All of my favorite good-quality sweaters are from Madewell.


So, which summer pieces are going to take you all the way to October 30th? Tell us in the comments below!