How To Throw A Wine & Paint Party At Home

How To Throw A Wine & Paint Party At Home

Need an excuse to get your friends together for a birthday, holiday, or just because? Try an at-home Wine and Paint party to unleash your inner artist. Give your party a special theme or simply find a pleasing painting to recreate. Even if you're not the most talented artist in the room, a little liquid encouragement will have you making Picasso-esque paintings (and give your crew something to awe over or joke about) in no time. If you stock up on each product, you can make Wine and Paint a monthly event!

Here's What You'll Need:

Wine of your choice, $4.59 at Empire Wine


What's a Wine and Paint party without the wine? Just a paint party, which is fun for those under 21. If you fall under the under-21 category, omit the wine and have yourself a time!


An Acrylic Paint Set, $71.27 at Classroom Direct


Although the price may seem intimidating, this is the crucial part of a Wine & Paint. These bottles are bigger, so if you plan on hosting multiple parties, this is a great way to save in the long run. If not, you can always buy smaller at your local craft store. 


Some Paint Brushes, $22.99 at KOHL's


Unless you're throwing a kindergarten finger-painting party, brushes are imperative to your success. The wide range of shapes and sizes in this pack will get the job done to cover large spaces and conversely help you hone in on your tiny detail. 


An Easel Paper Pad, $11.99 at Walmart


If you don't want to splurge on canvas, try this 50-count pack of heavy-weight paper.


Or, to keep it more simple, grab Crayola Washable Paint n Paper Set, $12.87 at Jet


If you're not feeling like shopping, skip the paint, paint brushes, and paper and grab one of these. 


Paper plates for a makeshift palette, $3.15 at

Paper Plates

Instead of splurging on a heavy-duty palette, you can keep these paper plates in stock and throw a dollop of each color on each one—plus, it's great for blending colors. 


Plastic cups filled with water to rinse brushes, $5.32 at Jet

Solo Cups


Dim the lights and blow up Illooms Light Up Balloons for a real party vibe, $9.99 at Target



Voila! In no time, you will have happy houseguests and beautiful artwork for everyone to take home.