6 Expert Tips to Make Your Next Party a Success

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ByCaitlin M.

With the holidays quickly approaching, many of us are about to turn on party mode to start organizing those dinner parties, family gatherings, and holiday soirees. In all the rush to put together the perfect party, it's easy to feel like the little details are getting tossed aside. But trust us, it's the little details that can make all the difference! To help keep you on track for party success, we chatted with Amanda Gluck, better known as The Fashionable Hostess for her party must-haves!

Ditch the theme: Instead of choosing a theme for your party, Amanda says she's a sucker for a color story for an event or even table. "When I choose a color like pink [for my story], I know all my flowers will be pink, the napkins will be pink, and maybe even the dessert to tie the whole look together," she says. Just be careful not to overdo it! "Keeping things minimal isn’t always a bad thing and will still get the point across," she says.

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Pay attention to the bar: No, we don't mean you have to hire a bartender or take up mixology, but a well-kept bar can be a statement maker. Amanda suggests opting for a beautiful bar cart and laying out some decor to accessorize. "Another idea is to create a signature cocktail or a DIY drink bar," she says. "I created one for a party that was super pretty. It’s fun, easy and gives guests a chance to be creative with their drinks!"

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Invest in florals: "Pretty flowers are a must," says Amanda. "There are so many different options with flowers and my favorite is super simple: stagger your flowers in vases of varying heights to create clusters of pretty blooms. This always looks good—florals are always pretty!"

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Courtesy of The Fashionable Hostess

Treat the table: Whether you're opting for a color story or floral centerpiece for your table, spending that extra time on table decor is worth it. "Place cards and menu cards are such a pretty touch and make it easy for people to know what you’re serving," she says. "You can order them on Etsy or even print them out at home on pretty card stock!" We even like decorative place card holders to top everything off!

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Keep the gift bag simple: "Gift bags are always so much work to put together—and sometimes the most time consuming—but not always necessary!" explains Amanda. "They’re definitely a fun takeaway, but it won’t be the element that makes or breaks the event! As long as your guests are having fun, that’s all that matters!" And we agree! It's best to keep it simple and sweet. Try a little box of candy your guests can nibble on during the ride home

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Introduce guests: This might seem obvious, but chances are some of your guests might not know each other! "When I am hosting various friend groups that don't know each other, I always have an activity planned that can serve as an ice-breaker," Amanda says. "For smaller parties, I simply make everyone go around the room and introduce themselves, maybe say one interesting thing, and then just enjoy each other’s company." Conversation will flow naturally, trust us.


Courtesy of The Fashionable Hostess

And lastly, don't forget to have fun yourself! "You put so much work into planning this party, don’t forget to have fun, network, and enjoy the company of your guests!" says Amanda. "The hard part is over, try to have fun!" We couldn't agree more.

What are your best party-planning tips? Let us know!

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