How to Throw a Candy Themed Party

How to Throw a Candy Themed Party

I’d like to propose an addendum to the old saying “like a kid in a candy shop” - after all, why can’t it be an adult in a candy shop? Age has not yielded my love for sugary treats. Whether it is the crunch of Tootsie Pops or the gooey caramel centers of Twix, I still enjoy some candy every once in a while! When Halloween rolls around, I know I’m not the only one who stalks the sugar-saturated isles of supermarkets. But why wait until Halloween? Candy doesn’t have an age limit!

We may have graduated from ice cream parties in arcades, but who says you can’t make a candy-themed party for adults and kids to enjoy? Here are 4 ways to make a throw a lovely candy-themed party. 


1. Make it Candyland themed.

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Your guests will love this nod to the timeless, throwback board game. The theme will bring them straight back to their childhood filled with sugar highs and crashes. Start with an invitation that pays homage to the infamous Candy Land font, and don’t forget to use lots of bright colors! At the party, make different tables or areas dedicated to different candies. A chocolate table? Try calling it the Chocolate Swamp! And don’t forget to buy a few vintage versions of the board game (or dig up the one in your attic) and scatter it around your home so your guests can play.


2. Lollipops are your friend.


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Lollipops are a party-planner’s dream! Delicious and pretty, these treats can be stuck into your cake, scattered around tables, or assembled into a bouquet. Experiment with different brands – Blow Pops are pre-packaged, so they can be scattered around tables without mess or hassle. For an accessory on a cake, or a bouquet get some Chupa Chups with peppermint swirls or rainbow stripes for that extra pop of color.


3. Still stuck on old-fashioned treats? Make them look like candy!

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If you’re more of a cookie-cake-pastry-person, try making sugar cookies in the shape of cupcakes! Cut a sugar cookie (or any kind of cookie) into a muffin-like shape, and use icing and sprinkles to make it look like a cupcake. If you’re stuck between the choice of candy and cake – why choose at all? Make delicious cake pops with fun, colorful frosting, and add a pop of color with some sprinkles!


4. Line your decker-cake with candy.

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If you want a classic cake, try making it a layered one, with a few levels – each specializing in a specific type of candy, or flavor! Bottom layer? Chocolate! Line the icing with chocolate chips and fun sized candy bars like Krackle. Second layer? Gum drops (or sour candy)! Use food dye to make the vanilla cake rainbow colored, and coat it with pastel icing. Line the bottom of the layer with Skittles, gumdrops, Airheads, or anything you like!


Got any good candy-themed party tips? Tell us in the comments below!